Insulation Team

Insulation Team


Insulation Team
Insulation Team

We have more than 10 years experience to do the complex jobs of Insulation Team works, including hot and cold inspection forPipe line, Tanks, Vetsel, etc in the field of Petro Chemical Plants, Cooper Smelter Plants, Oil & Gas Plants, Power Plants, etc. Commonly Insulation Team used material such us :

Insulation Team Scope Work :

  • Installations bulkheads, deck heads and pipelines in the marine industry.
  • The insulation of piping including brine lines.
  • The isolation of the vessel, such as boilers, transport containers, road and rail tankers and wine tanks.
  • Soundproofing enclosures, technical rooms, equipment and pipelines.
  • Insulation Team Production and Istallation removable thermal covers.
  • All aspects of domestic and commercial building insulation.

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